How do I place an order for press ons?

• Choose the shape of the press on nails you would like to order from the drop down menu.
• Add to basket.
• You will receive 20 press on nails with the hand drawn design you have chosen in 10 sizes.  

All press on sets are made to order and hand-painted therefore the time frame in which they are shipped may vary from set to set.


What is your shipping policy?

At the moment shipping is only available within the UK. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to offer shipping Worldwide. Completion times are 1-2 days for press ons at the moment and shipping 1-3 days depending on the shipping method chosen.

Will the press ons fit my nails?

You will receive 20 press on nails in 10 sizes so there is plenty of sizes to choose from. 

How do I apply the press ons?

• Wash your hands to make sure your nails are clean and free of any polish or product.
Lay the contents of your kit out in front of you so you are able to access everything easily.
• Using the orange wood stick, gently push your cuticles back  
• Gently buff your nail plate with the nail buffer provided making sure you are getting into all crevices. The nail will stick better to a rougher surface.
• Using the alcohol, prep wipe provided wipe all 10 nails well.
• Apply 1 nail at a time by placing a bit of glue to the centre of the nail. 
• Starting at the cuticle press the nail onto your nail plate and gently press down for 15-30 seconds before moving to the next nail.

How do I remove the press ons?

To remove the press ons simply soak them in lukewarm, soapy water until you feel the glue loosen. Once you feel the glue has softened simply push the press ons off. File off any glue residue with a smooth grit file.

Are the press ons reusable?

Yes! You can reuse the press ons multiple times providing you take care of the and follow the correct application and removal methods.